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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Theory of inclusive writing

These Terms and Conditions refer to the website Naëmi Ansovald (, this website, this site). By using this site you agree to comply with these Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy. We reserve the right to make changes to both our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

Our priority is to ensure a safe, secure, and enjoyable experience for all our users. Please read our Terms and Conditions to understand our guidelines and rules as well as our responsibility towards you as a user. For security details, please refer to our Privacy Policy. For any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


This website is protected by the Swedish Copyright Law (1960:729, 1993:1212 & 1994:193) which means that all original content produced and published on this website is automatically protected and copyrighted upon the time of creation.

The content may be used and shared by a third party, if proper citation is used, clearly stating who the original creator and owner of the content is.

Breaking this law will result in legal actions.

User-submitted content

This website allows user-submitted content to certain extents in form of comments on the posts published. For the details on the collection and handling of any personal data related to this process, please refer to the Privacy Policy.

This website and all content are protected by the Swedish law of free speech which prohibits us and any of our users to censor anyone just because we like to. That said, we do reserve the right to set and uphold certain rules of etiquette on our website which includes user-submitted content.

Topics and subject areas we prohibit are:

  • Threats and agitation against specific groups
  • Discrimination and hate speech
  • Spreading of information about a third party without their consent
  • Gaslighting
  • Promotion of illegalities
  • Sharing of content aimed to harm (such as harmful links and misinformation)
  • Multilevel marketing promotion

Additionally, to the list above, it should be understood that all illegal activities conducted in user-submitted content are strictly prohibited and will either be removed or not accepted when user submissions are reviewed.

However, as this is a website regulated by Swedish, and to extents European, law with international reach what might be illegal in some places might not be illegal in others, and thus it’s worth noting that the law you abide by might not be the same as this website or the parties responsible for it.

When deciding on whether or not something is illegal, this website refers to the laws it’s governed by.

Monitoring and deletion of comments

This website and its comment section are bound by the Swedish act (1998:112) on Responsibility for Electronic Bulletin Boards (SFS 1998:112 Lag om ansvar för elektroniska anslagstavlor; Eng.:  SFS 1998:112 Act on Responsibility for Electronic Bulletin Boards (unofficial English translation)) which governs any form of electronic bulletin boards on this website such as the comment sections on each post.

The people behind is thus bound to do the following:

  • Disclose the identity of the providers and responsible parties behind the electronic bulletin board (see: About-page)
  • Inform users of the extent submitted messages may be accessed by other users
  • Monitor and oversee the activity and messages submitted and interacted with on said electronic bulletin board
  • Remove and otherwise prohibit the spread of messages including:
    • Threats
    • Personal attacks
    • Copyright infringement
    • Discrimination and racial agitation
    • Instigation of rebellion (a lesser form of treason; not to be confused with general protesting and freedom of speech)
    • Child pornography
    • Illegal description of violence

Note that we reserve the right to include other subjects and areas to prohibit and remove in addition to the above mentioned, though they may not necessarily be required by law, but is the website’s own rules and guidelines of etiquette. See the extended list under User submitted content.

As this is a Swedish law we are bound to follow this and comply with its demands, but please note that while we are required to monitor the electronic bulletin boards on this website, we are not responsible for what the messages and comments might state. Meaning that while we can make ourselves guilty of breaking the act (1998:112) on Responsibility for Electronic Bulletin Boards, the author of the comment/message is responsible for its content and can thus be charged with a crime regarding it.

Hence we have chosen to monitor this website’s electronic bulletin boards by requiring comments and messages to be reviewed by us before publishing, and thus take the liberty to not publish, or remove certain content, from comments and messages. You have the right to an explanation of our decision, although one will not be provided automatically, and you may instead contact us to formally request one.

This website and all content on, it including that on electronic bulletin boards, is protected by the Swedish law of free speech which stands above the act (1998:112) on Responsibility for Electronic Bulletin Boards, and we and our users have thus no right to censor anyone just because we like to.

OBS: the field of free speech and censorship is a tricky one, and it’s easy to confuse the difference of opinions with free speech infringement or discrimination and threats. Thus, we reserve the right to have the final say in what is deemed appropriate and not to be posted on electronic bulletin boards on this website.

Disputes between users

Regarding disputes between users and conflict within user-submitted content, to the largest extent, the people behind this website won’t intervene as it should be assumed that all user-submitted content published has been reviewed and approved by monitors.

However, the safety of the visitors of this website, both active users of electronic bulletin boards and viewers only, is our top priority. To ensure this we may suddenly prohibit comments related to the conflict in question entirely, or certain users who we deem are not providing anything productive to the conversation. In this case, the user(s) will be notified privately about this.

In accordance with the above-mentioned information about this website’s regulations and rules of etiquette no comment breaking the law, or our guidelines will be published regardless.

If certain user-submitted content or content thread in your opinion doesn’t comply with the guidelines or is directly harmful to or attacking you, please contact us and this will the rectified to the best of our abilities. Please note that disagreements with other people’s opinions won’t be seen as personal attacks or deserving of removal.

Submission of sensitive information

It is strictly prohibited to share other people’s personal information without their consent.

In the case of a user sharing sensitive information about themselves, we will assume that they understand and have agreed to do so, but we reserve the right to privately contact them and confirm their consent before publishing said information.

Regarding published sensitive information, while we don’t encourage our users to misuse such information, we have no control over what might happen with the information made published on our website for others to see.

If you have consented to the publication of sensitive or personal information and wish to remove it, please contact us immediately and we will remove the submission or the relevant part(s). Note that we cannot be certain of or take responsibility for what might have happened concerning that information previous to the removal of it from this website.


The people behind this website do our best to keep it safe, secure, and working as intended for you and all users.

As with all activity on the internet, mistakes and accidents may happen and we hereby refrain from any liability concerning faults in user experience and general security issues not caused by us. Should any security issue concerning any area under our responsibility occur, will we inform you and all affected parties as well as take the necessary measures to assess, minimize, and repair the damage done. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for the full details.

We try our best to prevent any issues from occurring, and if one would present itself, we will start working on solving it as fast as possible.

We do not take responsibility for any self-inflicted harm you as a user may cause which may include distribution of sensitive personal information and security breaches of any kind. Neither do we take responsibility for any harm caused by other users, but we do reserve the right to edit, remove, and prohibit user submissions that do not comply with our guidelines.

Should you as a user find any content submitted to this website in breach of the guidelines, or otherwise harmful or offensive, please inform us about it.



For any security questions, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

For any further questions, please contact us at [email protected].

updated: 2020-12-02

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