52 Writing Prompts for 2020

Jan 3, 2020

With a new 366 days to create, I wanted to give a helping hand with keeping that writing flow going all 52 weeks ahead.

Therefore, I came up with some (at least in my opinion) fun and interesting writing prompts to last you through the year. For whenever you feel like you need some inspiration or just can’t bother with coming up with something to write.

Here are 52 writing prompts for 2020. Enjoy!

52 writing prompts for 2020

  1. “Good evening, milady. I’ve come to kill you.”
  2. What if humans weren’t the dominating species?
  3. Write a story without using gendered pronouns (she/he, her/him, etc.).
  4. Write something based on a dream or nightmare.
  5. Write a horror story around an everyday object.
  6. Write your own legend/folklore.
  7. The 21st century but humanity hasn’t discovered electricity.
  8. What is at the bottom of the ocean?
  9. Write a short story with as many clichés you can possibly fit.
  10. “Mama, tell us about the white bears from when you were little!”
  11. “As he fell from the sky, the ground opened and swallowed them all.”
  12. Write a children’s story.
  13. Suicide agents.
  14. A distant planet where life isn’t built by coal.
  15. “I opened the letter and found the four teeth and a broken scalpel blade…”
  16. Write a continuation of a book.
  17. What happens before we are born?
  18. What if all women disappeared?
  19. The epic adventure of the lost phone.
  20. There are gnomes in the raspberry bushes.
  21. When the aliens came to earth…
  22. A vampire turned human.
  23. What is the devil really like?
  24. The last 5 minutes of someone’s life.
  25. “3, 2, 1…”
  26. 24 of June 2020.
  27. “And when I turned around, the water where gone and dust rained down…”
  28. “You kleptomaniac thief! You lay so much a finger on that and I’ll kill you with this butter knife.”
  29. Pastries and baked goods are holy, and someone steals a cinnamon bun.
  30. A classic fantasy story.
  31. Murder, but funny.
  32. A romance but written as a dating manual.
  33. All hail our lord and savior, IKEA.
  34. The longest story over the shortest time possible.
  35. A murder mystery but in poetry.
  36. “You killed my pet tadpole! Now you die!
  37. 5-thousand-word story without the letter S.
  38. Someone being cursed to only be able to lie.
  39. Write a classic fairy tale.
  40. “The Suspender man strikes again!”
  41. A 5-page mystery story.
  42. Two aliens observing humanity and commenting on what they see.
  43. What if dinosaurs didn’t go extinct?
  44. Write the origin story of Halloween.
  45. “No, it’s not a ghost, it’s…”
  46. Write a story about a forgotten mythical creature.
  47. World War 3
  48. The fifth season
  49. “This is how I planned the murder:”
  50. Write a trash story.
  51. A full story in 3 sentences.
  52. Create a story out of the 3 biggest events of your year.

There you have them. 52 writing prompts for 2020. One for each week. Hope you find them useful and inspiring.

Have any writing prompts of your own? Share them below!

Also, if you use any of my writing prompts, I’d love to know! Tag me or send me a message with a link or your work. I want to read them all.

Happy 2020! Let’s make this a creative year.

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